Wagga Wagga Home Game Terms & Conditions


The following Conditions of Entry apply to all patrons attending McDonald’s Park,

Wagga Wagga for scheduled NRL fixtures.

General Conditions

  1. Patrons are admitted to the venue at their own risk.
  2. Security reserves the right to inspect and/or search bags brought in/out of the venue.
  3. Security reserves the right to search persons entering the venue by passing a portable electronic scanner over them.
  4. Patrons who throw articles or gain unauthorised entry onto the field of play will be evicted and may be liable for prosecution.
  5. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult or guardian at all times.
  6. Patrons who use offensive, threatening language, cause a disturbance or refuse to comply with requests made by event staff will be evicted.
  7. Patrons caught damaging or vandalising any infrastructure will be evicted and be liable for prosecution.
  8. Patrons bringing personal items into McDonald’s Park do so at their own risk and Wagga City Council (or any associated party to the match) will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of personal property.  A lost property register is maintained by security.
  9. Alcohol cannot be brought in/out of McDonald’s Park by patrons.
  10. Smoking is not permitted inside the perimeter fence of the venue.
  11. Umbrellas are not to be brought into the venue, as they restrict the view of the playing field for other patrons.
  12. Unauthorised commercial activity including ticket selling, soliciting, customer surveying, or attaching advertisements to any surface within the McDonald’s Park venue footprint is not permitted.
  13. Patrons understand that they are at risk of being struck by a ball whilst viewing a sporting event at McDonald’s Park and will not hold the venue liable for any loss, injury or damage as a result of being struck by a ball.
  14. Patrons are advised to take appropriate care regarding sun protection and hydration.
  15. Patrons are prohibited from entering the venue in possession of external commercialised food (e.g. McDonald’s, KFC, etc).
  16. Patrons are permitted to enter the venue in possession of ‘home-prepared’ foods only (e.g.: sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, crisps). Water, milk and juice from a beverage perspective are allowed access if stored in a plastic vessel of 600ml or less.
  17. No PlayNRL Rewards Cards, NRL Yellow Passes or 2019 Membership Cards to be used to gain access into the venue.
  18. Companion carers for people with disabilities are entitled to a complimentary ticket if they can show a government issued carer/ companion pass upon arrival to the venue.

Refusal of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, management reserves the right to:

  • Refuse entry to any persons deemed to be intoxicated and/or disorderly;
  • Refuse entry to any unauthorised persons;
  • Refuse entry to patrons who attempt to bring any restricted or prohibited items into McDonald’s Park.

Restricted/Prohibited Items

Patrons are not permitted to bring the following items into McDonald’s Park:

  • Alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs, glass, cans or breakable containers;
  • Opened or partially filled drink containers (excluding water/milk/juice bottles);
  • Musical instruments, whistles or air horns;
  • All animals except guiding, companion or hearing animals (Registration of the animal MUST be provided);
  • Skateboards, scooters, roller blades, tricycles or bicycles;
  • Prams or strollers
  • Recording devices (for commercial purposes) and camera lenses over 300mm;
  • Flags of any size
  • Commercial, political, religious or offensive clothing, banners, logos or signage;
  • Any items or goods for sale;
  • Fireworks/flares/laser lights;
  • Any device, instrument or object that, in the opinion of management, has the potential to cause injury or public nuisance. This includes but is not limited to weapons, knives, spray cans or compressed air canisters.

Cloakroom facilities are not available.

Patrons are permitted to bring the following items into McDonald’s Park:

  • Pre-packaged ‘home-prepared’ food such as sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, crisps, etc. for individual consumption;
  • Unopened, non-alcoholic beverages (e.g. water/milk/juice) at or less than 600 ml for individual consumption (excluding glass, cans or breakable containers);
  • Refillable water bottles are permitted, however are subject to the contents being inspected.
  • Fold out ‘camp-style’ chairs and picnic rugs
  • Wheelchairs and walkers (disabled seating available until fully allocated).

Alcohol Free Bay

The South West corner of McDonald’s Park is a designated no-alcohol area. Ground staff will use best endeavours to ensure that this stays as such (for the duration of the event), for the comfort of patrons who choose to base in this exclusion area.

No Smoking Policy

A non-smoking policy is in place for all areas within McDonald’s Park. Patrons may leave the venue and receive a pass out if they wish to smoke.

Liquor Licensing

All persons entering McDonald’s Park are advised that:

  • They are entering licensed premises;
  • It is an offence for minors to purchase and consume liquor; and
  • It is an offence to purchase liquor for (or supply liquor to) minors
  • RSA trained staff are present at each outlet and persons purchasing alcoholic beverages may be asked to verify age via production of proof of ID.


Match Day Ticket Terms and Conditions of Sale
Raiders v Panthers NRL Premiership Fixture, 4 May 2019

Wagga Wagga City Council (ABN 56 044 159 537) are primarily responsible for this event (i.e. organisation, promotion and delivery) and coordinate the sale of all tickets. As such, all claims in connection with tickets or the event itself should be directed to:

P 1300 292 442

F +612 6926 9199

E council@wagga.nsw.gov.au

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing a ticket. These Terms and Conditions relate both to the sale of tickets and attendance at the event.

These Terms and Conditions apply to both the original purchaser and any subsequent ticketholders (“you”).

By purchasing a ticket for the aforementioned game from one of the below listed sales sites, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions:

  • Wagga Visitor Information Centre, 183 Tarcutta St, Wagga Wagga;
  • Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre, 50 Morgan St, Wagga Wagga;
  • Raiders HQ, 2 Eade Street Bruce;
  • raidersshop.com.au (NB: Additional postage fees apply for shipping)

Match Day Ticket Categories for Sale

Only general admission tickets will be made available to the public to purchase for this event. The number of general admission tickets made available to purchase will be capped at 10,000.

Members of both participating teams, that is Raiders and Panthers will receive a 2 business day pre-buying window to secure match tickets. This is offered as a benefit for Club Membership subscription.

Tickets to the general public will go on sale at 9am on Thursday 29 November 2018.

Types of Tickets on sale:

  • Child: Sold to/for an individual 5-16 years of age as of 1st March 2019. A child (junior) ticket cannot be purchased separately, child tickets will only be processed with adjoining sale of Adult ticket(s). NB: Kids aged 4 years and below do not require a ticket to enter the venue but must be accompanied by a responsible parent/carer. Venue entry staff may request presentation of child birth certificate to gain access to event.
  • Concession: If you have a fulltime Student Card, Seniors Card or Pensioners Card you are eligible to purchase a concession ticket. Appropriate proof of concession may be requested at time of purchase and must be available for display on ground entry. Limited disabled seating is available and will be filled on a ‘first come first served basis’ at the venue on the day.
  • Adult: Ticket category for persons 17 years and above who do not qualify as a concession card holder (as per above).

* Companion carers for people with disabilities are entitled to a complimentary ticket if they can show a government issued carer/ companion pass upon arrival to the venue.

Refunds, exchanges and replacements

  1. Wagga Wagga City Council will only offer a refund or exchange of a ticket if the event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated by the NRL/Canberra Raiders. Such occurrence is highly unlikely, but safeguards against extreme circumstance, e.g. regional venue disturbance, natural disaster etc. You must apply for a refund within a reasonable time as requested.
  2. If the event is cancelled, rescheduled or significantly relocated, all liability is limited to the amount for which the ticket was purchased (including any fees or charges). Proof of purchase may be required for any refund or exchange. Unless required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law), neither Wagga Wagga City Council nor the Seller will be liable for any other losses incurred by you as a result of the cancellation, rescheduling or relocation of an event, including any travel and accommodation expenses.
  1. Assuming clause 1 and 2 above is not called into effect, as public tickets for this event are for unallocated seating only (i.e. general admission), misplaced, lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets will not (and cannot) be replaced. Please treat your ticket(s) like cash.
  2. Wagga Wagga City Council does will not offer refunds or exchanges as a result of a change in your personal circumstance either.

Authenticity and validity of tickets

Entry to this event may be refused if the authenticity or validity of a ticket is questionable, including because the ticket has been damaged or defaced in any way, or has not been purchased from Wagga Wagga City Council or their authorised seller(s).

Ticket not valid without perforation.

Collection and delivery of tickets

At both physical sale sites and online, ticket orders need to be paid in full before being issued/delivered. No partial payments will be accepted.

For online buyers, you have the choice of paying the postage delivery fee (i.e. regular or express post) or can nominate to collect from Raiders HQ only. Proof of purchase will be required to collect any tickets from Raiders HQ, 2 Eade Street Bruce ACT.

No tickets are permitted to be collected at the venue (i.e. McDonald’s Park) on the day.




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