Why become a member? Let’s ask those who already are!

Why become a member of the Canberra Raiders? Let’s find out from the people who can explain the best, a group of passionate loyal members who know all about the benefits of becoming a member.


“I started supporting the Raiders by default as I was born in Canberra before my family returned to live in Darwin when I was 2.

The first time I saw an actual Raiders game was in 2014 when the Raiders traveled to Darwin.

I watched their training session and stuck around for the signing session. I took my dog with me as support as I was the only Raiders supporter I knew. I waited in line to meet and have photos with the players, who actually watched and played with my dog while I got a photo with Jarrod Croker – I swore I would never wash my dog again!

I transferred to Canberra with work in late 2014 and there was no decision to be made. I would be a member and I have loved every minute. I love my seat at every home game. I love the members that sit in the same area and I love meeting the players at member events, being reminded at how ‘normal’ they are. I’m just really proud to be a Raiders supporter and member – through good and bad!”

– Andrea Loos


“The reason I started supporting the raiders is simple. I was brought up here in Canberra, born the year after their inception. There really is no other option. I continue to support the Raiders because I am incredibly proud of the community spirit and integrity shown by the club in recent years.

My family all have Raiders memberships. The reason we decided to buy our memberships was because we wanted to support them in more ways than simply being at the home games. We want our club to continue to flourish and the best way to do that is to be a member.

I enjoy all of the benefits that come with being a Raiders member, but, the access to players is amazing. Being able to sit with the guys at a dinner or event with a 10 year old that absolutely idolises them is the best thing a mum can ask for. The players are all amazing and open to the fans, they always have time to say hi and ask how we are all going. It really does feel like an extended family.”

– Hailey Read


“I started going to Raiders games at Seiffert with a boyfriend in 1988 after moving back to Canberra from Queensland. I remember the 1989 Grand Final win and the electricity in the streets after it happened! Following a season of going to a game here and there we decided to get a membership so we could go to every game. It is something that I look forward to as family time with my grown son and daughter. We found that membership is a great way to make sure we get to every home game, rain hail or shine! It also feels like being part of a big, noisy, weird family. I love the atmosphere at the home games and the fun we have with all the supporters around us!”

– Ann Mills


“I became a Raiders member in a roundabout way. Though I had lived in Canberra since 1972, I had come from Sydney and was Newtown supporter. In 1981 was posted to Africa (after the Bluebags loss in the 1980 GF). When I got back to Australia in 1984 the Bluebags had disappeared from the main competition. I couldn’t bring myself to follow any particular team after that, but I was looking for a team. I supported the Raiders in their first GF win and have done so ever since. Nearly 30 years later I continue to support them because they are an honest club and an honest team. And GIO stadium is a good place to watch football and is a good venue to get to and from. Being kept informed of developments within the club is a major benefit.”

– Geoff Smith


I started supporting the Raiders in the early eighties because I love Canberra and the local district, and I like to support my home town, and many of my friends got their first chance to play professional football with the Raiders and I wanted to support them too.

I became a Raiders member – as did my wife and two daughters – as a way of supporting the club, because the team has given our family and friends a lot of joy for a long time – and does so even if they lose (that’s just footy).

The best bit about being a Raiders member is that it makes the family feel more connected to the team – and to the broader Raiders and footballing community.  We go to every home game, have our same seats, and like seeing the same fans and sharing the excitement of game day – and hopefully celebrating a win!  My wife and I enjoy a beer in the Bar and the kids like playing foosball or pool before and after the game.  At its most basic, it’s a great fun family day, with a whole bunch of like-minded Raiders members.

If you are a Raiders fan – you should do yourself a favour and become a Raiders member – and a season ticketholder as well!

Go the Raiders!

– Jeremy O’Sullivan




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