Season 2018  Full Season Ticketed Member/Sponsor Cash Jackpot Draw Promotion.
Permit No ACT TP 17/02637

As an extension of the 2017 Full Season Ticketed Member/Sponsor Cash Jackpot Draw Promotion (Permit No ACT TP 16/02336) which was so successfully conducted, at the first ten (10) Raiders Home Games of the 2018 NRL Season held at GIO Stadium Canberra, one pre-selected ‘Full Season Ticketed Member/Sponsor’ will be provided the chance to win a cash prize via a prize wheel spin. The prize wheel will consist of twenty-five segments numbered 1-25, and on each segment will be a cash prize amount.

The cash prizes on offer on the wheel are:
$50,000 x 1 segment
$2,000 x 10 segments
$1,500 x 8 segments
$1,000 x 6 segments
Total 25 segments

The cash prize draws will take place on:
Sunday 18/3/18
Saturday 24/3/18
Thursday 5/4/18
Saturday 14/4/18
Saturday 5/5/18
Sunday 13/5/18
Friday 25/5/18
Friday 8/6/18
Saturday 14/7/18
Sunday 12/8/18

NB: Over the course of this entire ‘Season 2018 Full Season Ticketed Member/Sponsor Cash Jackpot Draw Promotion’ a maximum of $500,000 is up for grabs (i.e. 10 x maximum $50,000 prize). The total cash prize pool on offer may not be given away during the promotion period, but at a minimum at least $10,000 of the prize pool will be awarded.

Promotion specifics:

  • Entry eligible for any 2018 Canberra Raiders Full Season Ticketed Member/Sponsor (i.e. a member or company representative that has purchased a Package that consists of 12 game day tickets).

  • Ticketed Member/Sponsor must be 5 years of age or older (NB: Members/Sponsors name, date of birth and contact email and/or phone number must be known by Club to validate entry);

  • All eligible individuals who sign up for a Full Season Ticketed Membership Package (or equivalent) are automatically opted into this Full Season Ticketed Member/Sponsor Cash Jackpot Draw as per above two points;

  • A Full Season Ticketed Member can only be selected once over the course of the season to take part in the Game Day prize wheel spin, therefore it is recommended that multiple memberships in a single person’s name be updated to correspond with the people using the season pass;

    • On the Tuesday leading into each of the first 10 Raiders home games played at GIO Stadium Canberra, one Member/Sponsor will be randomly selected from Season Ticket Master List;

    • This draw will take place at 10am at Raiders HQ by an appointed Raiders Employee;

    • The method of draw will involve using a Random Number Generator to select a number which is cross referenced against an up to date list of Full Season Ticketed Members/Sponsors;

    • The selected Member/Sponsor will be assigned to the next home game for the cash prize wheel spin, which will be conducted in the West Grandstand Members Lounge 1 hour before kick-off of the NRL match on the day;

    • After pre-selecting the Member/Sponsor, the Club will attempt to make contact with this person to get them directly involved in the upcoming game day prize wheel spin;

    • The drawn member/sponsor will also be identified in the next Members/Sponsors Weekly EDM Newsletter that goes out (i.e. distributed the following Thursday), unless member records show that the selected person’s identity needs to be protected (e.g. child protection order etc.) whereby the person will be identified by their Member/Sponsor account identity only;

    • If the selected Member/Sponsor is non-contactable for any reason, or if the Member/Sponsor declines the invitation to directly spin the prize wheel at the next game day, the Club will arrange for a representative from Austbrokers Canberra (i.e. Club’s Membership Sponsor) to spin the prize wheel on the Member/Sponsor behalf;

    • If the selected Member/Sponsor fails to arrive at the match at the appropriate time despite previously committing (due to unforeseen circumstance) then again a representative from Austbrokers Canberra will spin the prize wheel on behalf of the Member/Sponsor;

  • Game Day Wheel Spin for Cash:

    • The selected Member/Sponsor (or substitute representative) will be allowed a single attempt to spin for a cash prize on the wheel;

    • The prize wheel will only be allowed to be spun once, an ‘independent loss adjuster’ is present to witness the spin;

    • The prize wheel that is spun, which will be independently assessed prior to use, will contain 25 segments (numbered 1-25). The number 1 segment will be a different colour to signify the start position of the wheel for spins and will have the cash amount of $50,000 on this segment. The other segments will have cash amounts in the ratio as mentioned in promotion overview section earlier.

    • An eligible spin is required to make at least 2 clockwise rotations of the wheel (i.e. going past the number 1 coloured segment twice) before landing on a segment.

    • Obviously if the wheel lands on the number 1 segment after rotating twice then that Member/Sponsor wins the $50,000 cash prize.

    • Landing on another segment (i.e. not #1) will equate to winning the cash amount on that segment.

    • If the pin/marker which determines the segment on which the wheel finishes following a spin by the contestant comes to rest on a line/bar, the ‘win’ segment is the one that the pin/marker has FULLY entered. E.g. As per below picture, on this occasion the win segment would be #37.

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