Print-at-Home Tickets

How to print your membership tickets at home:

I. Log into ‘My Account’ at by clicking ‘MENU’, then ‘MY ACCOUNT’, and using your email and password. You must log in on a PC using a Chrome or Firefox browser. Print-at-Home tickets are not compatible on mobile or tablet, and can only be accessed by full-season membership holders. 

PAH Tix 1

2. Select the ‘manage my memberships’ option.

 PAH Tix 2

3. Use the calendar to navigate which game you would like to print tickets for. Select the relevant game. Please note that games are only available 2 weeks in advance.

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4. Click the ‘Print-at-Home’ button, and select which seats required to be printed. PAH Tix 3

5. Then click the ‘print’ button in the top right corner.

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6. A pop up box will appear confirming seats selected. Click ‘Continue to print’ if correct. NB: PLEASE ONLY TICK THE ‘REPRINTING MEMEBRSHIPS?’ BOX IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PRINTED YOUR TICKETS AND THEY HAVE BEEN LOST/STOLEN.

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7. Tick box ‘I agree to terms of use’. Then click ‘submit’.


8. A PDF will then download. From here you can save and print the ticket(s) as required. It is recommended that you save this PDF somewhere handy, and print them as soon as you save it to ensure you don’t forget before game day. 

Print-at-Home Ticket Tips:

  • Please note that printing a ticket through this process means that your membership card will not work for the selected game day, only the most recently printed ticket will scan at the turnstile on the selected game day. 
  • Print-at-Home tickets are only available to full season memberships
  • Games are only open 2 weeks prior in advance. 
  • The Print-at-Home ticket option closes at 6:00pm the day prior to the relevant game.
  • Contact the Raiders Membership team if your card has been lost or stolen on 02 6253 3515 during business hours. 



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