Season 2018 $500,000 Match Day Cash Giveaway
Permit No ACT TP 17/02638

Up to $500,000.00 is being offered by Austbrokers Canberra to game day attendees across the first ten (10) homes games of the 2018 Canberra Raiders regular season held at GIO Stadium. A minimum of $1,500 or maximum of $50,000 per match can be dispersed. Over the whole promotion $15,000-$500,000 will be given away.

The individual cash prize giveaways will take place on:
Sunday 18/3/18
Saturday 24/3/18
Thursday 5/4/18
Saturday 14/4/18
Saturday 5/5/18
Sunday 13/5/18
Friday 25/5/18
Friday 8/6/18
Saturday 14/7/18
Sunday 12/8/18

At each of the listed games above, any person wearing an Austbrokers Canberra/Raiders promotional t-shirt that has been distributed into the crowd pre-match will be in the running to be selected for a half-time challenge to win some cash.

Participant Selection:

Simply, 100 branded promotional t-shirts will be dispersed per game into the crowd via a ‘t-shirt launcher’ and from here six (6) people will be randomly selected (during the pre-game show, approximately 30 minutes before scheduled NRL kick-off) by a Raiders or Austbrokers Canberra representative to take part in a half-time challenge. The only selection criteria is that the person needs to be wearing a green Austbrokers Canberra/Raiders promotional t-shirt.

At half-time of the NRL fixture, the six (6) pre-selected patrons will go through several non-physical challenges on-field until one person remains. This one remaining person must then select one (1) rugby league ball out of a total of thirty (30) balls on the field of play which will have a number printed on it. This is the number that is then cross referenced with the presiding ‘loss adjusters’ winning cash amount card to determine how much the member/fan collects*.

Presiding over the half-time challenge, and present on the field of play for each of the cash grabs will be:

  • Canberra Raiders Representative
  • Austbrokers Canberra Representative
  • An ‘independent’ loss adjuster

Determining the cash prize awarded at each game

Simply, once the contestant selects one (1) Football, the number on this Football is read out by the Ground Announcer (and shown on the Big Screen). From here the Ground Announcer then asks the ‘loss adjuster’ to reveal from an envelope which lucky number is worth $50,000. Obviously if the two correspond (i.e. ball and card) then this prize amount is awarded*. If not, then the ‘loss adjuster’ opens a separate envelope which will have the dollar prize allocated against the remaining 29 footballs (as per below) to determine the cash prize awarded*.

For the numbered footballs on the field at each match, the following money prize amounts are offered:
$50,000 – allocated to 1 Football only
$2,500 – allocated to 7 of the 30 Footballs
$2,000 – allocated to 9 of the 30 Footballs
$1,500 – allocated to 13 of the 30 Footballs
Total 30 Footballs

*NB: If the half-time contestant is a fully financial Canberra Raiders member, which can be proved at the time, then they win the full prize amount on the cash card, otherwise 50% is paid to an announced charity.

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